World Unitec : World Unitec is a portal for global professional workers.


World Unitec = “Targeting for global market” + “Integrated solution for raising and dispatching professional workers”

Based on world best outsourcing service, World Unitec aims for the best personnel solution partner. We are in pursuit of identity of integrated personnel solution company which provides all the professional workers needed by clients by educating and specializing them. We have included identity of ‘World Unitech’, developing as a global company by alliance and cooperation with various global companies.

- Meaning of World Unitec Logo

To show dynamicity of World Unitec growing to be a global best personnel outsourcing solution company, and to remove any complicity of showing too many meanings at the same time, we used “Minimalistic Simple” so that anyone can see and understand it clearly.

Standard size of World Unitec logo

All of copyright and using right of World Unitec logo are property of World Unitec corporation, and protected by the Trademark law. You are prohibited to use it or make changes to it without due notice. World Unitec logo has its unique logo and font with width and height arrangement and is designed based on its own unique features.

Color Standard (Real color is made into square box, and following words are visualized for design)