Company Information Table

Year of Foundation August 10th, 2000
Starting Capital 500,000,000 KRW
Licensing Record Facility management service, sanity management service, special security service, fumigation service, dispatching workers service, ISO9001, ISO14001
Number of Employees 2,058 persons (As of June 2013)
Headquarter: 35 persons, Management 16, Technologic Workers 19
Fields: Facility (143), Security-Parking-Information Desk(710), Cleaning (917), Dispatched workers and others (255)

Company Chronology

가족사 C-유니텍주식회사 설립

Foundation of family company C–Unitec corporation

  • 2012.08

Founded C-Unitec Corporation for expanding business to Daejeon, ChoongCheong, Sejong Area

Family company Unitec Holdings corporation

Foundation of family company Unitec Holdings corporation

  • 2012.07

Founded Unitec Holdings Corporation for FM business management consulting

family company Raditec corporation

Foundation of family company Raditec corporation

  • 2011.01

Founded Raditec Corporation targeting management focused on distribution facilities and outsourcing strategy

가족사 UBM주식회사 설립

Foundation of family company UBM corporation

  • 2006.08

Founded UBM Corporation targeting management focused on dispatched workers and distribution/sales facilities

특수경비업 허가(제 479호)

Special security registration (No. 479)

  • 2005.05

Based on performance in Incheon airport, started managing national main facilities such as nuclear power plants, western airports

근로자파견사업 허가(성남 04- 08호)

Dispatching workers industry registration (Seongnam No.04-08)

  • 2004.12

By introduction of specified personnel hiring system and operating H/R department, started dispatching workers to various fields of work such as distribution, hospital, and work facilities

미국 ESSENTIAL社와 업무제휴

Strategic alliance with ESSENTIAL (U.S.A)

  • 2004.03

Started education and technologic cooperation by receiving medicine raw material and cleaner utility method for various materials from ESSENTIAL.

ISO 9001 인증

ISO 9001 Certificate

  • 2003.11

For client’s satisfaction, obtained ISO 9001 quality management system certificate to establish system for sustainable improvement activities

홍콩 WAI HONG社와 업무 제휴

Strategic alliance with WAI HONG (Hong Kong)

  • 2003.09

By exchanging advanced technology and equipment related to airport work with WAI HONG, introduced it into Incheon/Kimpo

ISO 14001 인증

ISO 14001 Certificate

  • 2003.04

To achieve sustainable environment improvement, obtained ISO 14001 environment management system

한국화학물질관리협회 가입[031-323호]

Joined Korea Chemical Material Management Committee [No. 031-323]

  • 2001.01

To secure safety and health of workers exposed to chemicals and toxics, joined Korea Chemical Material Management Committee

한국법인(월드유니텍) 설립(자본금 200백만원)

Foundation of Korean branch (World Unitec) starting capital: 200 million KRW

  • 2000.08

Based on short-term wide-spread acknowledgement, like selected as one of the best working partners of Incheon airport, Korean branch, World Unitec corporation was founded.

인천공항여객터미널 B구역 미화관리 업무 개시

Started cleaning management working for Incheon airport terminal B Area

  • 2000.07

In opening of Incheon airport, World Unitec stably carried out cleaning manangement of terminal B Area, which successfully led to other fields of work.

미국 UNISOURCE社와 업무 제휴

Strategic partner with UNISOURCE (U.S.A)

  • 2000.01

Strategic partnership with UNISOURCE (U.S.A) which is a supplier of advanced equipment helped World Unitec establish its foundation for unique technology and quality.

미국 Union Building Maintenance 한국지사 설립

Foundation of Korean Branch of Union Building Maintenance (U.S.A.)

  • 1999.04

Founded Korean branch of Union Building Maintenance (U.S.A) with its advanced technology and system of building maintenance