Facility management

through facility management using professional labor, we will do a crucial role in increasing asset value of a building by maximizing utility of a building through preventing accidents with routine tests and systematic maintenance. (Equipment facility management, Electricity equipment management, Emergency equipment management, Elevator, building maintenance management)

Security, parking, information management

with keen eyes, high-tech equipment, swift moving, teamwork, we will protect our client’s safety perfectly from any damage possible 24/7. (Facility guard management, Parking management, Information maintenance)

Cleaning maintenance

through cleaning maintenance with advanced technology and equipment, we provide cleaner work environment. And we will maximize effective building maintenance through long-term focused cleaning maintenance. (Floor management according to material, Routine maintenance, Other cleaning work)

Special security management

we carry out special security work for national security and stabilizing order by controlling and observing access to main facility. Our professional special security is by far the best based on our high quality professional elites with scientific education system and various experience of works.

Security search management

For establishing order in cargo transportation of airplane and ship, we pre-detect objects with firearms, dangerous stuff and explosives to secure safety of airplane, flight attendant, passengers. We carry out the best professional special security search with our highly quality elites from truly scientific educational system and of core skill for security search. (Exporting/imported cargo search, Passenger/flight attendant security check, Airborne mail security search, Running removal system of various explosives and hazardous articles (EDO devices))

Other management

Technicians at World Unitec based on their systematic education and professional knowledge carry out ground work of an airplane which requires professionalism, and also manage large scale ships, automobiles swiftly and cleanly. We promise to shine your asset with our creative cleaning management.
Airplane groundwork (lamp, BSA), escorting main cargoes of airplane, internal/external cleaning of airplane, internal/external cleaning of transporation (ship, train, bus, logistics truck)
House landscaping, rooftop landscaping, interior landscaping, pond landscaping

Dispatching workers

Dispatching workers means that employing company will hire dispatched workers, and workers will thereby work under the dispatching contract and under the command of employing company. World Unitec will do our best with our systematic work process to benefit both dispatched workers and employing company.
(Dispatching field of work: Computer professional, business professional, record tracker, librarian, language-translation-interpretation, electronic-telecommunication-technician, blueprint drawer, computer assistant, recording device operator, radio-TV device operator, education semi-professional, management assistant, chauffeur, art-athletic-entertainment semi-professional, book-mail related workers, assistant, typing workers, collector, telephone operator, travelling guide, chef, nanny, caregiver, privacy related worker, gas station attendant, nurse)