World Unitec Responsive Web page


“World Unitec’s Webpage, our clients can obtain optimized information anywhere, anytime, with any device”

World Unitec thought that we need to react to various needs from various clients , and our clients must be able to access our company’s information quickly, precisely and “smart”ly under any circumstances. World Unitec’s webpage meets the web standard technology, and is designed as a responsive web which guarantees highest performance. Therefore our clients and users can access our company information with any device to receive optimized information. .

Internet Browser: IE 8+, Firefox 5+, Chrome 14+, Opera 11+, Safari 5+
Mobile: iPhone 3GS+(iOS 6.0+), Android 2.2 froyo+, Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile 6.5+
Tablet: iPad 1+, Android 3.0 Honeycomb+, Surface+
OS: Microsoft Windows XP+, Apple Mac-OSX Leopard+, Linux 2.1.14+

Responds various displays